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All is one thing: Everything / Nothing.
The primordial suggestion / primal call,
The great equation / creative source
The complete spectrum from One to All.

And so time was born, and all things great and small,
From the greatest force to the grossest form.

Sound created vibration, spiral set forth rotation
The space in constant motion set the stage for every notion,
Every direction, every swerve, all intersections every curve
Every potential but a fleeting thought, many dimensions, many doors.

And so from dust all life was born, from stars to suns, from dusk till dawn,
From calm to storm, and rise to fall, the earth gave birth to human form.
Cycles come and cycles go and through the seasons changing, all things grow,
At the hand of man, nature is torn, for that he reaps from Kingdoms scorn.

Thus a child of need, he picked from tree,
And from the fruit of life discovered greed.
That from the seed of greed his weakness grew
And from desire found he, sufferings a new
And through gain and change his pains still grew
A prisoner to the illusion, his senses skewed.

And so, the man who seeks, turns high to low,
and in vain ambition, nowhere to go.
For the man who knows, lets all things go,
Welcoming both skies above, valleys below.

In the outer realms breed pain and fear
but through the inner sphere, the source stays near

Happiness does not exist…

But through true submission, pain is bliss.


released 28 June 2013
Photo: Sanna Charles
Text: Mark Wagner
Mastered by Bobby Krlic



all rights reserved


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